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Google Instant feature now in your Intranet SharePoint site with much advanced federated people search, quick search, instant results now all this in a much flexible SharePoint webpart.

Project Description
The Google Instant's type as you search has been implemented within SharePoint environment. This is implemented as a webpart using AJAX JQUERY API. It searches content across the farm as you type making Asynchronous AJAX calls. The results are security trimmed and the efficiency is leveraged based on the SharePoint search settings.


• Search as you Type - Google Instant Feature now in Sharepoint
• Easy installation provided by a setup wizard
• Security trimmed user interface (users only see items on which they have permissions)
• Aggregates search results across the farm.
• Very Light Webpart and content loaded dynamically making AJAX JQUERY Calls
• Fast results and enhanced speed depends upon the Server speed.
• This component highly flexible and can be placed anywhere in the site.
• You can turn On or Off the Instant Search and use it as regular search but with AJAX capabilities


• MOSS 2007 or Higher
• Microsoft Sharepoint Search Center Configured ( Only for People Results )


• Download the ZIP
• Extract the files from the ZIP
• Run the EXE and the Installer will guide you through the process ( You need to be an Admin in the Sharepoint Server)
• Install the Site Collection of your Choice or in all the Site collection
• Active the JSharepoint Instant Search” feature from the Site Feature list.
• Now Navigate to home and Sharepoint Instant search will be integrated to your SharePoint search.  

Future Plans
• More Results and Paging

• Search with Suggestions in MOSS 2007

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V 1.0

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